Voting Mechanism for Call 5 - PAB only



The projects proposals submitted in response to an ENIAC Joint Undertaking Call are selected for funding after executing a review by independent experts, according to criteria described in detail in the text of the call, followed by a decision of the Public Authorities Board establishing the final ranking of projects "above threshold” taking into account the synergy with the EU and national R&D and Innovation policies and activities as well as the overall coverage of the objectives of the Call. This document describes the mechanism allowing the Public Authorities to quantify their assessment of synergy when applying the provisions of Art A.5 "Selection and decision to allocate public funding” of the Public Authority Board Decision ENIAC-PAB-04-08.


Quantifying the Synergy with the National I&D&R Policies


The mechanism invites the ENIAC member State (EmS) to express quantitatively their assessment of the synergy with the country's I&R&D policies and activities for each project in which they participate by scoring it on a scale from 0 to 10:

– 10 : perfect synergy

– 5 : average synergy

– 0 : no synergy

Member state can abstain from differentiation and chose to support the experts ranking. This is done by voting "Neutral”. A country cannot use both neutral vote and differentiating votes.

Member states that chose not to vote are not taken into account.

The score, expressed as a percentage and weighted according to the algorithms described below, shall be taken into account in establishing the final ranked list of the proposals "above threshold”.

It is important to note that the proposed mechanism is not intended and should not be used as a way of giving a bonus to all projects including participants from a specific EmS, but to differentiate among these projects the ones showing a higher level of synergy. To this effect, after determining the points resulting from weighting the score, the smallest amount of points among all projects from a particular EmS shall be detracted from the values calculated for all other projects in which that EmS participate. Only the remaining points, expressing the "differentiation”, shall be included in the final ranking.

Detailed description of the scoring mechanism


Country strength per project calculation:

Country strength per project =

Country Budget Committed to the Call

Total Call Budget


Requested country budget in the project

Total requested budget for the country


Criteria score per project calculation:

Project synergy criteria =

Countries in
the project

Country strength for the project


Country score for the project

Total project score calculation:

Total project score =

Expert project score


Project synergy criteria