Guide for the Applicants 2012-2

The proposals shall typically qualify as "experimental development”[1] as a minimum, consisting in acquiring, combining, shaping and using existing scientific, technological, business and other relevant knowledge and skills for the purpose of producing plans and arrangements or designs, experimental production and testing of new, altered or improved products, processes or services, provided that they are not intended for commercial use, unless the prototype is necessarily the final commercial product and it is too expensive to produce it for demonstration and validation purposes only (in which case any revenue generated must be deducted from the eligible costs).


If the proposals also contain parts that may qualify as "industrial research”, they must be clearly identified.


For the purpose of this Call, a KET Pilot Line is an installation that should allow acquiring information upon the future behaviour of an innovative product or process in an industrial facility, or in defining the design of such an industrial facility. A KET Pilot Line can be distributed in more than one building or geographic location; for example, in a project including both Front End of Line and Back End of Line operations, although they are technologically a single sequence, the two parts may be at different locations.


Eligible proposals for this call must be:

  1. using an innovative technology
  2. to develop innovative products, meeting social challenges, and
  3. establishing a new, realistic R&D environment, a facility ("KET Pilot Line”) capable to manufacture 
  4. demonstrators in small volume in order to establish their value and potential while
  5. including a deployment plan to a real life European manufacturing site.
  6. The project coordinator must be a company with at least one significant production site in the EU, unless it is a start-up.

For detailed information, please download the official Guide for Applicants

[1] COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 800/2008 of 6 August 2008 , OJ L 214, 9.8.2008, p.3