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ENIAC Joint Undertaking Corporate Identity Policy



The ENIAC Joint Undertaking's Corporate Identity is a valuable asset that requires protection in order to ensure consistency and accuracy of its public image.

As such, this document describes the entity's role (see Background information) and lists the policy guidelines with regards to the use of its corporate identity.


The ENIAC Joint Undertaking Corporate Identity Policy Guidelines

  • The entity shall be referred to as the "ENIAC Joint Undertaking" or abbreviated as "ENIAC JU”. It shall not be referred to as "ENIAC" or as "Joint Undertaking”.
  • The word "ENIAC" is to be considered a proper name; it must not be considered an acronym and therefore, it must not be spelled out in any shape or form.
  • The following text is the official boiler plate of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking and can be used to describe the entity:

Boiler plate:

The ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU) is a public-private partnership on nanoelectronics bringing together the ENIAC member States, the European Union, and AENEAS (an association representing European R&D actors in this field). It coordinates research activities through competitive calls for proposals to enhance the further integration and miniaturization of devices, and increase their functionalities. It shall deliver new materials, equipment and processes, new architectures, innovative manufacturing processes, disruptive design methodologies, new packaging and ‘systemising' methods. It will drive and be driven by innovative high-tech applications in communication and computing, transport, health care and wellness, energy and environmental management, security and safety, and entertainment.

The ENIAC JU was set up in February 2008 and will allocate grants throughout 2013. The projects selected for funding shall be executed till 31 December 2017. The total value of the R&D activities generated through ENIAC JU is estimated at 3 B€.

  • As per the ENIAC JU Statutes (Annex to the Council Regulation (EC) No 72/2008), all publications, patent applications filed by or on behalf of a participant, or any other dissemination shall include a statement that the foreground concerned has been generated with the financial support from the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, as follows:



The work/A part of the work has been performed in the project (project acronym or title), co-funded by grants from (list of ENIAC member States funding the participants) and theENIAC Joint Undertaking.


The ENIAC Joint Undertaking logo contributes to the entity's visibility and image:


- The logo should be used as provided. Modifications of the logo are only permitted after having received explicit written consent from the ENIAC JU.

- The colour of the logo is Pantone Reflex Blue C and it should not be changed. For visibility sake, the logo should not be printed on a dark background. A high resolution version of the logo is available upon request.

- The ENIAC JU logo may not be used in a manner which could cause confusion as to sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.

- Third parties wishing to use the ENIAC JU logo are requested to inform the ENIAC JU by using the coordinates below.


  • Any questions related to this document or to the ENIAC JU, should be sent to:

Elodie Michaud, Communication and Public Relations Manager, ENIAC Joint Undertaking

Email: Phone: +33 1 40 64 45 73