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15 Jan. 2014 The ENIAC JU Leverages 2.86 Billion Euro in Nanoelectronics Allocating 101% of Its Initial Research Budget (EN)
27 Nov. 2013 “ESiP” Creates Reliable System-in-Package Demonstrators and Receives the 2013 ENIAC JU Innovation Award (EN)
17 Jan. 2013 ENIAC JU Reaches 1.8B Euro in Semiconductor Research Boosted by KET Projects (EN)
27 June 2012 KET Call Propels ENIAC JU 2012 Project Proposals above Euro 1.25 Billion (EN)
6 Oct. 2011 Early achievements of the Joint Technology Initiatives’ €10 billion R&D programme highlighted at the European Parliament (EN)
4 July 2011 European collaboration project to develop technology breakthroughs for integrated and intelligent LED lighting solutions (EN)
27 May 2011 Europe Doubles the Investments in Semiconductor Research within the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (EN)
11 May 2010 Strong response to the ENIAC Joint Undertaking third call results in 26% more R&D project proposals (EN)
08 May 2008 First Call for Proposals of the ENIAC Joint Technology Initiative launched: A milestone in the roadmap for leadership of european industry in nanoelectronics -
22 Feb 2008 Europe boosts industrial research in Nanoelectronics (EN)
04 Feb 2008 Three Billion Euro Programme launched to boost European Research on Nanoelectronics (EN)
27 Nov 2007 The European Technology Platform on nanoelectronics heading towards the implementation phase (EN)