Report on the Common Brokerage Event (Brussels, 15-16 Oct 2009)




The AENEAS & CATRENE Common Brokerage Event, held on 15-16 October 2009 in Brussels, brought together the main actors of the European Nanoelectronics Community to facilitate exchanges in order to generate ideas for proposals and to start consortia preparation.

135 participants joined the event from research institutes, SMEs and large companies all across Europe. Several associated organisations as well as PAs also showed their support and interest by being present. All together, approximately 65 project initiatives were identified and elaborated on.

During the event, it was announced that the common AENEAS / CATRENE brokerage event (Common Brokerage Event, CBE) would be followed by an Expression of Interest (EoI) phase in preparation for the upcoming 2010 CATRENE and ENIAC calls. The EoI phase is expected to provide a preview of potential proposals for 2010 in terms of subjects and efforts.

For more information on the EoI phase, please click here.

The agenda of the Common Brokerage Event was based on the 2010 draft ENIAC Multi-Annual Strategic plan as well as the CATRENE White Book and covered all subjects that could be submitted to each of these programmes. To familiarise yourself with both of these documents & programmes, please see the documents available for download below.



Welcome & Introduction

Jacques Dulongpont
Secretary of AENEAS
CATRENE Office Director

Introduction to the EoI phase
Overview of CATRENE & ENIAC programmes

Marcel Annegarn
Director General of AENEAS
Enrico Villa
Chairman of CATRENE

Feedback on Silicon Processes & Integration

Michel Brillouet, CEA-LETI

Feedback on Automotive & Transport Norbert Lehner, Infineon
Herbert Roedig, Infineon

Feedback on Security

Bernard Candaele, Thales


Feedback on Health Care & Aging Society

Paul Merkus, Philips


Feedback on Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing

Heiko Feldmann, Carl Zeiss


Feedback on Energy Efficiency


Norbert Lehner, Infineon

Feedback on Design Methods & Tools


Livio Baldi, Numonyx
Feedback on Wireless Communication

Gilles Casanova, STMicroelectronics




CATRENE White Book

Please visit the CATRENE website in order to download this document:

ENIAC Multi-Annual Strategic Plan 2010 (Draft)



List of Participants


If you attended this event, you can request a list of participants by sending an email to: or