AENEAS and CATRENE Spring Summit 2010

Report & Results

The Spring Summit 2010, jointly organised by AENEAS and CATRENE, took place in Berlin at the Crowne Plaza City Centre Hotel on 4-5 May 2010. More than 105 participants took part in the event with a nice representation of all stakeholders in the European Nanoelectronics value chain including large companies, SMEs, universities, institutes and public authorities.

The two-day program of the event was organised in order to provide an occasion for all interested parties to contribute to the further elaboration of a new strategic document for the nanoelectronics industry in Europe entitled Vision, Mission, and Strategy for European Micro- and Nano-electronics (VMS).  The aim of this document is to provide a long-term roadmap for both R&D programmes in this field, CATRENE and the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, while at the same time contributing to their harmonisation and delineation. 

Participants were introduced to the preliminary content of the document and invited to participate in working sessions on the following domains:

  • Automotive and Transport,
  • Communication,
  • Energy Efficiency,
  • Health and Ageing Society,
  • Safety and Security,
  • Design Technologies, 
  • Semiconductor Process and Integration,
  • Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing.

From these working sessions, drafting teams have been formed for the writting of chapters on each of the above-mentioned domains. The chapters will focus on the Grand Challenges for each domain as well as on end terms including goals and timing.

Presentations and other related documents:

Complete programme - AENEAS and CATRENE Spring Summit 2010                                    


VMS working document_v9    
VMS skeleton_v9    

List of participants*

*A complete list of participants that includes email addresses is available for people who attended the Spring Summit. To receive a copy, please send your request to: or

Welcome and Introduction of the agenda (Norbert Lehner)    
Brainstorming on Vision, Mission and Strategy (VMS) - General aspects (Enrico Villa)    
The future of nanoelectronics research infrastructure (Dominique Thomas)    
Feedback to plenary on Energy & Efficiency (Norbert Lehner)    
Feedback to plenary on Safety & Security (Bernard Candaele)    
Feedback to plenary on Health & Ageing Society (Mark van Helvoort)    
Feedback to plenary on Design Technologies (Livio Baldi)    
Feedback to plenary on Automotive & Transport (Knut Hufeld)    
Feedback to plenary on Semiconductor Process & Integration (Michel Brillouet)    
Feedback to plenary on Communication (Gilles Casanova)    
Feedback to plenary on Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing (Tilmann Heil)    
Preliminary analysis of Project Outline Submissions in ENIAC JU Call 3 (Andreas Wild)