2006 ENIAC Forum

ENIAC held its first Annual Forum at the Meridien Beach Plaza, Monaco on November 30, 2006.

The Forum offered an insight on:

  • background, current status and activities of the European Technology Platform on Nanoelectronics (ENIAC),
  • the update of the Strategic Research Agenda and its implementation within the European 7th Framework Programme,
  • future developments of the Platform in view of the Joint Technology Initiatives,
  • Nanoelectronics networking in the world,
  • involvement of SMEs will be on the programme of the Forum.

The programme included a panel for open discussion.

Invited speaker: Dr. Paolo Gargini, Director of Technology Strategy for Intel Corporation.and responsible for world-wide research activities conducted outside Intel for the Technology and Manufacturing Group by consortia, institutes and universities.

The ENIAC Forum was organised in connection with the MEDEA+ Forum: a joint MEDEA+ / ENIAC Press Conference was held on November 29th.

Download Presentations

Rosalie Zobel - The Implementation of the Strategic
Research Agenda in FP7

Fred van Roosmalen - ENIAC Achievements and Future
Livio Baldi - The 2006 ENIAC SRA update

Gerard Matheron - ENIAC JTI Governance - Introduction
to the Association AENEAS

Paolo Frankl - Nanoelectronics and the Environment

Heico Frima - Nanotechnologies in the FP7 NMP programme

Patrick Dewilde - Scientific Community Council - Forging
a European Ecosystem

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