Forum 2007

MANY THANKS to all speakers, panelists and attendees for participating in the


The 2007 ENIAC Forum was held on November 28 at the Novotel Congress and World Trade Center in Budapest, Hungary.

The annual event provided insight on:

  • the current status of ENIAC and AENEAS,
  • one of the main achievements of the ENIAC platform, the fully revised Strategic Research Agenda,
  • the current developments concerning the ENIAC JTI,
  • the role of SMEs in the European context,
  • a joint project on flash memories between two major European seminconductor companies,
  • the synergies between platforms, in this case EPoSS,
  • Nanoelectronics in the automotive sector.

A panel discussion was held during the last part of the forum and focused on the "Priorities for the ENIAC JTI".

According to the rotating concept traditionally implemented in ENIAC, chairmanship was transferred during the event from Wolfgang Ziebart, Chief Executive Officer of Infineon Technologies to Alain Dutheil, Chief Operating Officer of STMicroelectronics.

The ENIAC Forum was organised in connection with the MEDEA+ Forum: a joint MEDEA+ / ENIAC Press Conference was held on November 27th.

To view the presentations, which were made during the event, please use the links below:

Alain DUTHEIL - Welcome and Introduction

Norbert LEHNER - Status of ENIAC and AENEAS

Rosalie ZOBEL - The ENIAC Joint Undertaking

Alfred J. van ROOSMALEN - The new Strategic Research Agenda on Nanoelectronics

Heinz KUNDERT - Mobilizing the strength of European SMEs

Livio BALDI - A flash-light in Europe

Pietro PERLO - Facing the energy challenge in the automotive sector: integration

aspects of power and printable electronics (authors: GŁnter Lugert and Pietro Perlo)

GŁnter LUGERT - EPoSS as a part of the European Innovation Chain for Integration

of NANO- and Microtechnologies into Smart Systems (presented by Pietro Perlo)

Alain DUTHEIL - Conclusions and Closure

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